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How do I install my Flash animation ?

There are 2 ways to install a Flash animation on your website :

Your Flash file is hosted by :
Your Flash file is hosted by :

1. If you use the EASY installation process :

You need 2 things :

You must open the HTML source code of your web page. Location of your HTML source code depends of the web editing software you use. When you have your HTML opened, you should follow these three instructions :

  1. Somewhere in the actual body of the code, determine where you want to place the code snippet.
  2. Paste it. If you do not know where you want it, experiment a little with it.
  3. When you have discovered where you like it, make sure you save the web page.

2. If you use the ADVANCED installation process :

After generating your Flash animation, on the download page, below the Download button, click the link that says: Need advanced installation help ?, and follow the installation instructions provided with the download.

Installation help tool :

If you already have your Flash animation file, you can use the following installation tool to create a custom advanced installation help page.

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